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Founded in 2019 in Los Angeles, CA with the simple mission of offering the best CBD experience available. Distinguishing ourselves with a unique name and look, our signature crystal appearance denotes the very real purity of our full spectrum line. A year was spent researching, developing and optimizing products to address the most common issues found throughout the CBD market today, including ineffective and sub standard quality, heavy dilution, misinformation on CBD forms and inaccurate or pre-set dosing measurements that take too long to absorb. The overuse of empty buzzwords from competitors, offering nothing more than repackaged material with no added value, called our brand into life.

Focusing on the organic and therapeutic, we dedicated our vision towards distillate and isolate compounds, refined at the highest level, of not only CBD, but other cannabinoids and terpenes as well. Combining their unique properties into solid crystalline blends of our own unique formulations to deliver more targeted relief for specific issues. With an emphasis on never diluting with fillers, we wanted people to take Vice Ivy wherever they went, so we created a surprisingly simple yet unseen means of dosing that is easy, accurate and has near immediacy of effect. With value an equal concern, our compounds were designed to not only be more effective but last considerably longer per container than overpriced, inferior alternatives.

Setting out to offer mother nature's medicine and to educate people on the differences and why they matter, we established our brand values to set a benchmark for the industry. Responsible, ethical and transparent behavior is the very foundation of why Vice Ivy was started. To that end, all partner material suppliers are cGMP certified for handling practices, independently lab verified for quality control, Farm Act compliant with less than .03% THC and FDA registered, a significant accomplishment compared to others on the market. Cannabinoids and terpenes have shown immense promise as powerful alternatives to costly and side effect prone traditional medicine but only when applied appropriately. In setting this bar to achieve, we knew that we'd set ourselves apart by creating quality and value in our products, while embodying the core belief of giving to others. We consider ourselves a success in this endeavor and want nothing more than to share it with you.

Whether you're new to the world of cannabinoids, an existing user or simply looking to learn more, we hope to earn your trust by providing uncompromised products, transparent and ethical standards, easy to understand informational resources and exceptional customer service. All to bring you a singularly excellent experience. 



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