Our signature products, crafted of thoughtfully selected cannabinoids and terpenes. Designed for fast, specific relief. Click on our products below to see the individual compounds added to our Full Spectrum CBD Distillate. All products are 1 gram net weight (1000mg equivalent), with none of the fillers found in the most popular brands. Only natural, high quality ingredients that make a difference. That's why one jar lasts up to several months, an average of three times longer than equivalently sized alternatives. Value much? Compare us to competitors and see why an astonishing 98% chose us in independent, side by side testing.

Sustainably Sourced


FDA Registered

Non - GMO

Farm Act Compliant

< .03% THC

3rd Party 

Lab Verified

cGMP Certified

Handling Practices


Why choose us? Our greatest selling points are the very standards, product quality and unique approach that our competitors don't offer. The only thing we have in common is our price. We give you just the things you need. Nothing more, nothing less. Vice Ivy is not an imitator. Our products and brand are a unique offering in a tired and lackluster market. We're not an off the shelf, wholesaled and repackaged copy because quality and effectiveness are what we're after. How about you? 




Lizzy K., 27

James S., 53

Nicole F., 31

Amelia L., 43

I originally purchased this CBD in hopes that it would ease my anxiety and insomnia, but was pleasantly surprised to find that it did that and then some: it completely alleviated my menstrual cramps which have been plaguing me for YEARS. Before taking Vice Ivy, I couldn’t even get out of bed when I had cramps. They were debilitating. Now I just take the tiny spoonful as soon as I feel them coming on and they evaporate. Plus, I’m left with this warm, fuzzy feeling that I absolutely love. This stuff is straight up GOLD.

It’s literally everything I’d want and then some. Definitely getting my money’s worth and satisfied enough to write that here. This is what CBD should really be like. Consider my eyes open.

very cool from an experience perspective. they are definitely different and that is such a good thing. packaging was high class, the glass jar has legit weight to it, looks like it’s expensive, feels like it’s expensive…making me rethink what I thought I knew about cbd options. best thing i’ve tried hands down

Where has this been all of my life? Don’t waste your time (or money) on other stuff. Really no need. This does the job better.

Carmen C., 33

Vice Ivy is f*cking brilliant. Couple minutes tops til I feel it. They said put on your tongue but I just stir into hot tea. I've had this container for two months now and I've barely made a dent. Actually next level stuff. I’m considering signing up for the monthly subscription cuz I don’t see myself shopping anywhere else in this lifetime or the next.

Wow, just WOW. They are not messing around here. This stuff lasts a LONG time. In the past, I paid about the same for other brands. Tried 4 and felt absolutely nothing. It was super disappointing and almost kept me from trying Vice Ivy, but my mom recommended and I’m so glad I took a chance. This crystal is legit! It leaves my body feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and at ease. I ordered restoration station and panacea. I think panacea was all I needed but happy either way. Looking forward to sharing this with my friends and converting them to CBD lovers too!

A few months ago, I bought some flavored gummies by a very well known and popular brand. I was really excited to try them -- until about five days later when I had finished the entire month’s supply with NO effect. I reached out to the company to share my experience and all they did was recommend that I try another one of their products. For real?! I asked for a refund and they left me  unread. It’s all good. I’ve found my vice. Hehe, see what I did there?

Georgia H., 38

Laura N., 25

Eduar N., 29

Two friends told me about them. It’s really high quality, like nothing I’d seen before. I think that’s what made me test them out tbh. I’m also impressed that they donate to charity. Seems like a well-rounded group of folks that actually care about what they put out and give back. Dope.

So refreshing. Seriously! I’m all about the brand. When a company checks the boxes and can appeal to me on every level, they have me for good. Can’t even keep track of all the companies that are complete clones of one another! UGH. No wonder most suck!! Was good to learn what actually makes for a good product. Do yourself a favor and compare the info here to what you get from others. I found out I had been pissing away 50 bucks on a heavily marketed CBD cream that didn’t even have it as the main ingredient. Like WHAT!? I mean I started doing more research on my own and it got worse with how many “appear” natural with their cute leaves or plant branding but aren’t at all. So much playing up the nature angle it makes me sick. If I were to make a CBD company, it’d be just like this one. I was captured because they’re a uniquely different thing from what I’ve seen and I stayed because It’s just an awesome product and I like the brand and how they do everything. Brand and products both kick ass.

Remy J., 26